The layout section likely will be one of your favorite parts of the BWO Dashboard.  Layouts allow you to save specific window settings. Keep in mind that layouts only save window layouts Рnot a base layout.

Default Layout Рthe main display that opens upon log in.  This is set by BWO.

Base Layout – A map background where you can overlay specific data, mainly radar, past precipitation, future precipitation, river information, satellite images, and the U.S. Drought Monitor. The base layer will always be behind all other images. You will see the base layer if you close all windows.

Windows – Most content is accessed through windows. Windows can either be full sized by clicking the “+” or re-sized using other navigation icons.

If you set up a full screen window you can place partially-opened windows on top if it.

Or, you can use the base layer with partially-opened windows on top of it.

Or, you can totally cover the display are with windows.

Managing Layouts

When you click on “Create New Layout” a “Manage Window Layout” window will open (below).

From this window you can either create a new layout, select a layout, or delete a layout.

Create a Layout

Once you have your screen set up like you like it, simply click on “Create a Layout” and enter the name of your layout. When you click on the “Create New Layout” in the window, it will be listed on the main menu.

Restore a Layout – most times this can be completed via the main screen, but another option for displaying a saved layout is via the “Restore Layout” function.


Your saved layouts will now be displayed on the main screen making it a lot easier to configure your dashboard.