NCGA Weather Decision Planner Selection

BWO Weather Decision Planners are designed to enhance situational awareness on a variety of weather, water, and climate related topics.

You can always modify your selection or unsubscribe. BWO Weather Decision Planners are available at no cost for NCGA members. 

You can choose to receive one are all of these planners by clicking below.

All-Around Weather Planner

Issued daily around 5 a.m.

Information specific to your location. Click on the image below for a sample of today’s planner. 

NCGA Daily Weather Decisions Planner

The NCGA Weather Decisions Planner will arrive via email each day at 5 a.m. with a wide variety of content helping you maintain situation awareness and assist in making informed operational decisions. 

If you would prefer not to receive a daily email, or just want to refer to the Daily Weather Planner at other times of the day, you can bookmark: 

You can also sign up to receive the follow special topic planners

Drought Status and Outlook

Issued each Thursday around 11 a.m.

 Click on the image below for a sample of today’s planner. 

Severe Weather Reports and Outlook

In Development – Ready By Spring Severe Weather Season